“DNA makes up all of the cells in our body. It is genetic material that makes us who we are.” – T. A. Science

A bit of history

As far as I can remember myself I have always been interested in beauty. My first memories go back to late 1980s when looking how my mom was doing her make up with only one make up palette that she had, I could but wonder how she made it look so effortless, what was her secret? That was the little red box she had of a 'Pupa Milano' make up. 

Beauty industry looked totally different at that time and make up, skincare and perfume were hard to get hold of. But it was all about putting oneself together by enhancing your natural beauty and facial features such as eyes and lips. Manicured nails and permed hair is the picture that will always take me to my childhood. A bit of 'The Goldbergs' vibes :) 

This is where it all started for me. I saw my mother as an example of a women that takes care of herself and is always put together, no matter how little (time or resources) she has.

My grandmother taught me all about dressing up, how to match accessories, what shoes to wear to the theatre and everything about (what we now call) a capsule wardrobe.

So I think that beauty is part of my DNA (or DNR in Lithuanian) and I want to thank both of them, my mom and my grandmother for opening me the doors to the world of beauty that I have always lived in and that I have never left. 

What is Beauty DNR? 

Nowadays cosmetics are easily available. There are new products being launched every single day and beauty industry is booming. We are exposed to different information about natural products, ingredients to avoid, new makeup trends etc. in order to be beautiful, healthy, youthful and confident. 

Our bathroom shelves are full of everything, making it complicated to decide which new eye cream/ make up primer or another bottle of perfume to use and keeping us contemplating whether the new cream can help us with our wrinkles/ spots/ dark circles. Or whether it is just another marketing strategy to get us into buying more.

So in this blog I will be writing about all those things that interest me, sharing my passion for beauty and analysing what exactly makes me more comfortable in my own skin.

For me beauty is more than cosmetics; it is a state of mind, that magical feeling we experience when living in the environment we have created, when our eyes rest at ancient architecture, beautiful art and lovely presented food or when we dress up, create cosy home, life changing relationships, travel around the World and live our dream.

This is Beauty DNR and here I want to share my knowledge and journey with you. 


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