Hi, I’m Lina. Born and raised in Lithuania, living in London for over a decade, I think of myself as a Global Citizen and a total beauty enthusiast. 

Being last year in my twenties I have decided to start sharing all the beauty knowledge that I have gained through not only working in the industry for over eight years, but also being curious and always looking for what is new, better and, most importantly, has a good value for money. 

Throughout my career in beauty, I was very lucky to meet some amazing and inspirational personalities, such as Caroline Hirons (queen of skincare) and makeup artists Chase Aston and Lan Nguyen, who helped me understand how important in life it is to do what you are really passionate about.

Now that I am a trained beautician, my ultimate beauty aesthetics are formed around defined brows, luscious lashes, and healthy skin. That is what Beauty DNR (Delivering Natural Results) treatments stand for.

So in this blog I hope you will be able to find some valuable information about skincare, makeup and beauty treatments that I am so passionate about, also what helps me keep my acne prone skin at bay, why ‘natural’ products are not always better than ‘high tech’, and so much more about new products that make their way to my beauty stash. 

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor/dermatologist, and all the content of beautydnr.com is a reflection of my own experience, therefore, any reliance placed on these reviews are at your own risk. What might suit my skin type/ colouring/ body shape might not suit you. So, before you purchase any products, please try and get a free sample of it or try it out in a store. If you have any allergies or sensitivities, please always check the ingredient list! Any sponsored post will be clearly marked as AD. However, all the views expressed on this site are my own. 


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